Burney Cool 

Italian Ice

Our Story

Based on a desire to uplift and encourage those around us, Burney Cool Italian Ice strives to expose the community, especially our youth, to positive and encouraging messages while also providing a cool and refreshing treat.


Tonya Burney founded Burney Cool in 2017 to create a family legacy. With her husband coaching her two athletic sons, the family can always be found on the football field, basketball court or track. The mobile unit is a perfect fit for their on-the-go, fun family lifestyle. 


Burney Cool lets Tonya support her family but it's her family that supports Burney Cool. Her boys have prominent roles in the business, learning how to handle the finances and actively marketing and promoting the family venture, while her husband oversees it all.


"I started this business to not only make a profit, but to make a difference."

"You absorb the energy around you... with so much negativity out there... our youth need to be infused with 
Why Italian Ice ???

Italian Ice, which is sometimes referred to as "water ice", is a sweet, refreshing 

treat with a smoother consistency than 
shaved ice or snow cones. 

Unlike snow cones and shaved ice, whose artificially flavored syrup pools at the bottom of your cone, the flavorful italian ice we serve is spun and blended, resulting in a creamy, smooth finish.  


"This is better than snow cones" 

~EPJ Recreation Ctr. 2017 Summer camper